Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Body by Libby

Libby has decided it's time to get her Daddy back into shape.

These are the exercises she's cooked up so far, in case you want to try this at home.

We are expecting some serious results...

Nick has just a few more pounds to gain this week, so Dr. Jafari will feel comfortable pushing ahead to the next round of chemo using the highest possible doses for all of Nick's chemotherapies. From everything I have read, the best results are at the highest doses... so please pray for a few more pounds!

It's pretty remarkable how much better Nick seems to feel during this "off week" from chemo. He even has a new trick, which is: pretending to vomit at the dinnertable. I know that sounds a little gross, but after his one and only vomit on Saturday, the subsequent "pretend vomits" have been pretty hilarious. You just have to know Nick to understand.

The fact that his "real vomit" was sort of a fluke and that his appetite has returned are both tremendously encouraging. :)

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  1. Those excercises look awesome and really helpful! Especially that one leg hug hold ! Tell Libby that I tried them at home but I didnt have anyone to hold my feet up (my kids werent interested). With Libby around you have the best therapist ever! Can't wait to see her Monday! Thinking of and praying for your family often !