Monday, March 30, 2009

Forgive me, friends, it's been several days since my last blog. I have been off the chemotherapy now since Thursday evening, and promptly vomited for the first time on Saturday morning. Maybe it's that cold turkey withdrawal deal, but I must say I felt like a new man with no nausea for hours afterward.

Today is my fourth day without chemotherapy. I load up again on Friday. We were briefly discussing my cutting back to three Xeloda twice a day, but my blood work results were "fantastic," according to my Dr. Jafari (I claim him now) and my weight was increasing, so we will stay at four Xelodas twice a day. Nausea be damned! Michal and Sandra both were all in for this, and I feel strong and otherwise healthy so here we go again for Round Two at week's end.

By the way, Dr. Jafari grew up and studied medicine in Germany, as if he could be any cooler. I am a "Germaphile," and we communicated a bit in Deutsch today. Lots of fun for me.

My appetite has returned this weekend, and things smell better to me. The bouquet one gets from the chemo lends everything an overpowering smell. Walking in the front door... The kitchen entry.... the open fridge... so the house smells like home again for the past few days.

Right now my biggest challenge is to stay hydrated, and Michal Anne's idea of drinking Gatorade between waters has been helpful. Still my pulse rate is up too much, and drinking fluids can alleviate that.

Tonight we lasagna, with a chance of a possible sherbet afterwards. Nummy!!!


  1. You did gain weight? It had to be the tacos, shirley temples and ice cream cake! It was such a fun visit with you guys. We want to come back soon! =) I am trying to download those pics and will send them to you and Sandra soon.
    hugs to you all!

  2. Hello Nick and co.,

    It's so fun to see all the pictures and read all the blogging. Nick, we put our AK care package in the mail yesterday. If that heightened sense of smell prevails, just plug your nose and indulge and hope for the best of some added weight gain.

    Hugs from AK,

    Sara and co.

  3. hey I just wanted to thank you for the encouragement you've given me throughout tennis, I won my match against lynden today and it was a girl I'd played last year and lost against. Remembering about what you had told me after the match really helped and i won.
    your in my prayers
    Katie Hawley