Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You know, I've had time to think here while I convalesce. And I think the names of my chemotherapies have been dreamed up by science fiction junkies. Gemzar... Taxotere... Xeloda.... If these aren't the names of space stations and alien planets, huh! Of course, they're busy firing away like Han Solo at my liver lesions. I say go get 'em, rebel ships, and if your names help to scare off the tumors, more power to you! But someone's had some fun with this, and I'll bet he or she knows George Lucas.


  1. Oh how I love reading your entries...your sense of humor and willingness to embrace the situation (choice adjectives left out) gives me perspective and peace. Your family is so blessed by who you are. Thanks for teaching me about what it means to be human. (sorry for the sap, but that's what you get when you are such a prolific writer!) Keep well! DeAnna

  2. Hey, Nick!

    It's Jason here--your old high-school tennis doubles partner. Received an e-mail today via my wonderful father about your blog here. I sure wish this blog were surrounding better circumstances. But, if there is anyone in this world that can take something head on with a positive attitude and smile on his face--it's you.

    I have spent a good hour reading through all of this. Your outlook on life and your smile throughout these pages is inspirational. Seeing your smiles in the images, seeing you smile and laugh it up in the short video here, and getting a look into your life is great for me to witness.

    I will definitely subscribe to your journey here to follow along and smile as you lead the way.

    Take care,
    Jason W.

  3. Hi Nick, Yep another stranger who is reading your blog... I know your sister Michal... Strange how our paths crossed 8 years ago...
    Your outlook is priceless, refreshing and funny...

    You sound like you may be a JEDI as well... You will never know how many people are keeping you in their thoughts.
    Sincerely, Becky Goad

  4. Nick
    You have such a great positive atitude! I know if i was in your position i would be down, but you've come a long way. Keep up the great work. I hope to visit you soon...
    Michaella Kahns