Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Good Juice

Yesterday, Nick had his second infusion of Gemzar and Taxotere at the lovely new cancer center at Skagit Valley Hospital. To capture Nick's affection for this place, we took a little video before his first infusion last week.

Yesterday, we met with Dr. Jafari to review Nick's blood counts. I am happy to report that they are holding rock steady. Although... this week will be the bigger test. Blood counts tend to drop after the second or third treatment cycle - when the good guys are accumulating in big numbers and putting some stress on the bone marrow. But, this is where Nick's youth and otherwise good health should help him out.

The other thing that we would like to keep from dropping is Nick's weight. He has been losing weight fairly quickly since all of this began (almost 20 lbs), because food just doesn't sound good to him. Anything with flavor or spices... overwhelms him. This makes sense, as Dr. Jafari
explained to us that the Taxotere makes thing smell funny and gives many foods a metallic taste.

Our solution to his lack of calories is this supplement powder:

2 scoops = 1250 calories

Protein shake, anyone?

Nick also seems to have gained the superpower of bionic smelling, in addition to things smelling not so good. For example, whenever I walk into his house, from 30 feet away he'll ask "what'd you have for lunch, Mike?" and offer me a breath mint. It's actually kind of amazing.

Last week, Nick slept through most of his infusion. But yesterday's dose of the good juice was a different story. He was awake, alert and chatting with the nurses about their ski trips over the weekend. I think the steroid he is taking is agreeing with him immensely.

Being with Nick through these first initial weeks of treatment has been an incredible reminder of who he is, and what an absolute delight he is on so many levels. I wish I had been better about writing down the hilarious things he has said during this process, because his witty, under the breath comments have been priceless.

I am very lucky to be here right now.


  1. See you Thursday Nick and family =) You all are doing such a great job on this blog. We appreciate it!

  2. "She is so cute Mommy. Does she live far far away. I want to go play with her at her house." Elli and I were 'bloggin' together today and she can hardly wait to play with the cute little girl with that BIG bag when we go to Washington this summer.

    More hugs from Alaska, Sara and Elli

  3. Great job Nick and everyone! Keep it up! It was great to hang out with you on Sunday and see your smiling face. Jackson has a guardian angel to bring over so we'll let you know when we are coming over.

    Sandra, great job in group power last night, I hope you're as sore as I am!

  4. Strawberry's,Strawberry's Eat em up yum,yum lot's of whipped cream um um um Enjoy brother man The Jeffroe