Friday, March 20, 2009


Hey the house is just so quiet at the moment, I stole away for a quick blog. Sandra's at work, the little ones are away at school and play and I hear the birds outside. Wow. This day wants to get nice, but the quiet is so energizing in itself. I am not a lonely person, and have never considered myself to be. My imagination is far too childlike to run out of of thoughts or ideas. When I nap during the day, which I am really good at if you must know, I love just getting lost in thought, letting the experiences take me wherever they will go. If you said, "Nick, I'll give you two minutes to fall asleep," I could do that just about 24/7. If you said, "Nick, I'll give you two minutes to find your happy place," I'd say "I'm already there."


  1. That's awesome! We could all learn to slow down and enjoy the moment.
    Have a great weekend with your family.

  2. where does it come from? nick jeffroe here,just checkin on ya i'm w/ ya boo.Ya need any thing? O.K. O.K. talk later .Let the sunshine in..... The Jeffroe

  3. That's beautiful! This type of thinking is EXACTLY why you have the following and support that you do! You are an incredible man! My family and I have been thinking of you...

    ((hugs)) from here,

    Erika K.

  4. nick your aintie said hi i tried to go off line for it butt bident work . any way she said she loves ya this is for the auntie

  5. We're thinking of you, Nick, and appreciating you sharing your journey with all of us. May you continue to be uplifted in the way you enlighten and uplift others! Keep hitting winners,,,the c-bugs are no match for you! Our hugs and prayers, Marc and Mary

  6. Hey bro, I think of you often throughout my day. I was sick last week w/the flu so was staying away. I've found thru challenges like this and others, one blessing that comes from it is that we find out we had more friends than we thought possible. It can be astounding in a good way and heartwarming. Lots of love coming your way and french toast w/berry topping. :) I'm always hungry it comes with being a woman this age. Your sis in law who luvs u much! Mary

  7. I am so happy that you are in your happy place. But then again you always have been in your happy place ;-)

    Love you