Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday's PET scan

Nick had his PET/CT scan this morning. It looks from the scan that he may have a few lymph nodes that are involved in this cancer thing as well as his gallbladder and liver. To us, this likely means that he will undergo chemotherapy prior to having surgery to remove the cancer. We were able to get in Monday with Dr. Jafari at the Mount Vernon Cancer Care Center, so we can discuss treatment options right away, and not wait for an appt to become available with the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA). Since both institutions are affiliated, we would most likely be referred for treatment in Mount Vernon (3 minutes from our home), so it makes sense to get started there.

Nick was able to pop in at tennis practice today at BEHS. The coaches and all the girls were excited to see him and he got to see how much he is missed. It was really his first outing besides going to procedures or doctor's appointments in a week. At first, his doctors prescribed him with a pain medication that made him itch, so he had to take benadryl. The combination of benadryl, pain medication and narcolepsy meant that he was spending a large part of his day napping. He has a new pain medicine that doesn't make him itch, so he has been able to stop taking the benadryl, and has been much more alert.

I must continue to thank you all for the support that keeps pouring in. Your comments, cards, emails, texts, and calls are all reminders of what wonderful family and friends we have, and what a wonderful man I have married.....



  1. I have had many patients see Dr.Jafari,and I think he is great. You will be in good hands.

    Jenny Benson

  2. I (David) agree and think that it is great you can get your care so close to home. You all have been in my thoughts constantly since this all began. As Jenny said, we would be more than happy to help out in any way that we can. If you need us to dig deeper with some of your local care, make phone calls, discuss side effects or symptoms etc...let us know. You can do this Nick!

    David Benson

  3. Nick and Sandra, My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.Preschool folks are poised and ready to help with meals...childcare...whatever we can do.I would love to pick up or drop off Libby on a preschool day if that would help and would especially love to take her to lunch sometime.Be assured we are giving your little girl all we got! She is precious.Feel free to contact me at any time.Peace to you both, Cindi

  4. Nick and Sandra,

    We have all of our Alaskan prayer networks working for you, sending happy thoughts, warm fuzzies, and of course, sense of humor, which is sounds like Nick is maintaining. We're not surprised in the least. If there's anything we can do from afar please don't hesitate to ask. Love from Alaska, Sara and Nathan (Elli and Hanna too)

  5. Sweet Nick, Michael and Sandra... I am thinking of you all and saying prayers. Although certain because of your great attitude and wonderful family support, you will recover fully. Keep your chin up and know how many people are out here pulling for you and care. Sending love your way, Kelly(Hawkins)Benham

  6. Thank you so much for posting this blog so we can all be updated. There are so many people who are praying for you and want to support you all. If there is anything I can do to help (child care, meals, errands, anything...) please call on me. Love you all so much!!
    ~Becky (VanderStoep)Ray

  7. Nick, My thoughts and prayers are with you during this time....Teacher Cindi is helping us to help you and Sandra in any way we can, so please don't hesitate to tell us what you need. I loved the comment Michal made about you charming everyone and keeping your sense of humor-you haven't changed!! I love you Nick-hang in there! Hi Mike and Patsy-please let me know if there is anything I can do(take Libby to school, playdates, etc.)My love to the whole family-Love, Darcy

  8. Sorry, meant to sign that "Deuce" =)

  9. Nick, I send love, sympathy, compassion, and encouragement your way old friend. Stay strong!!! I'll be looking you up as soon as I get home from Australia. I love you buddy!!!

    Rob Nowak and family

  10. Nick, Remember the ski day at Mt. Baker years ago when Jerry Benson needed his van pushed to get up the last hairpin? Once he got going he didn't stop, and you were running behind the van, the back doors were open, and as you were closing the gap we shouted out encouragement. You grabbed our extended hands, and with a bound and a leap you ended up back in the van with the Benson boys and "Uncle" Charlie.

    Well, my friend, you have another "foot race" that you're just starting. Focus and perform like the athlete you are. Your friends and family will provide the love, encouragement, and all the "pushes and pulls".

    With love and empathy,

    Terri & "Uncle" Charlie

  11. Each morning when I look at Baba's picture of Saint Vincenca I say a prayer for you. Each night I pray to Blessed Marija Petkovic of Blato to help you. I also know Baba stored up a few thousand prayers for each of her family members. I am positive her prayers are dedicated to help you make this recovery journey.
    All our love,
    Carol and Mike

  12. Nick and family, You are in our thoughts and prayers as you play the match of your life. We have fondest memories of our times together, Nick, and know you can keep your head in the game. If there is any way we can help,,,call, please. Marc and Mary Neff

  13. Nick and all the Whitons, Oh how we wish we could shoulder some of this burden for you. We pray for your strength and health as well as some normalcy and lightness in these crazy times. We love you so much.

    Jenny, Erik, and Soren Benson

  14. Hey Nicolai:

    You have quite the "TEAM" in your corner so keep up the good work. We are all thinking of you and keeping you in our prayers.


  15. Loving and thinking of your family still. And as someone said above, I pray for some "normalcy" for you and your those are the simple pleasures in life we all take for granted.

    Sandra: you did marry a most wonderful man, and it truly shows with the outpouring of support. Please know you are part of our daily family thoughts and appreciate your sharing of your personal life. It has touched us.... Love & hugs ~Erika Keizer (Fore) & family....

  16. Hi Nick,

    I'm just thinking of ways I can help and offer the most comfort from afar. I'm wondering if chocolate chip cookies are good for 'your condition.' I'm pretty sure they must be. I just might have to pop some in the mail- Express.

    Love and Sara hugs!

  17. Hey Nick,
    Who is the "Grasshopper" and who is the "Sense" now? I think I'll send you random thoughts as a distraction. I know how much you like to figure things out. Start with this one: Why, in this modern age, can they not make a rubber ducky that doesn't get mildewy inside from the tub? Get back to me on that one.
    Find a happy place, and know you're loved.

    Mary Allen and family

  18. Ok boss here goes, I am not gonna cry;
    If you are able to run a lab with me working there,(and Cheryl)then you and Nick are gonna be money! I am sorry for the hurt you guys are dealing with. Sandy, if there anything i can do for you and Nick please let me know. I mean it, I really have a lot of free time right now...
    Right, well, lean foward in your foxholes you guys and never quit fighting. That's love. Peace. "The Dave"

  19. Nick,
    I ran into Mary last week at the store. I'm *so* sorry you are going through this and want you to know I haven't stopped thinking about you. You and your family are all in my daily thoughts and prayers. Love, Heather