Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Morning After

Today was Nick's first 'day after' IV chemo, and I must say he looked better than he has in weeks. He looks good, feels good, eats good......if only we could solve the sleeps good part. Tonight we took the kids to Hillcrest Park to play on the big toy, then took a little walk around the tennis courts. Dr. Jafari prescribed some prednisone (a steroid) to help him with his appetite and his energy levels, and it seems to be working.

We are excited to have Nick get his appetite back, because the house is literally overflowing with food. We are so blessed with family and friends who are concerned that we may not have the energy to cook right now. I can't begin to thank you all, because I'd be sure to forget someone and feel bad about that, but I have to mention a few just because.

The Consistency Award goes to Libby's preschool (Bethany Covenant) parent group. They have put together a plan where everyday that Libby comes home from school, she brings an entire meal with her. Talk about a WOW.

The Long Distance Award was previously owned by Nick's Aunt Jacqueline from Reno who provided us with several dinners from "Dream Dinners". Today however, a care package arrived from Robby Nowak in Australia, which was full of Tim Tams (a cookie that Aussies call a Biscuit) and a tube of vegemite. Little known fact.....vegemite is touted as "one of the world's richest known sources of Vitamin B". Rob suggests eating it on toast. I'm curious to try it, but it will have to wait til I get my courage up.

Many more of you have dropped by snacks and meals. The kids are really appreciating the variety of foods, as they are used to getting the 4 or 5 standards that Mommy cooks. We can't thank you all enough for thinking of us. We will however make one request. If you come to visit us, please come hungry!



  1. Thanks Sandra and Nick for the Long Distance Award! Glad to hear they arrived. Let me know how the "Tim Tam Slam" goes.

    My best!

  2. Okay, it's on- I'm going to put together an Alaskan care package right away.

    Love, Sara

  3. It was nice to see all of you on Sunday. I'm following the blog daily!


  4. Nick and Sandra,

    Being that I am nearly a doctor and Sandra's 4th sister from another life, I felt obligated to let you know the following:

    Vitamin B-6 works wonders keeping the neuropathy under control with Xeloda and 5-FU.

    Do you have a super power port? I believe they are for super heros so that's the kind I got :)

    I'll let you know what 5-FU stands for, (just not on your public broadcasting service)

    Lastly, NO...your gallbladder doesn't make your butt look big. But, I think the glare of your gallbladder is making my butt look big. Could you please stand the the right a little?

    Give those babies (and Grandpa Larry) a love from me.

    Thinking of you always,
    Doreen Schmitt
    (and family)