Monday, March 16, 2009

good times with iv chemo

I didn't spend too much time fretting over the weekend about today. After all, I had my port in place and well, I was pretty much invincible. I hadn't stared at the two bandaid spots in the mirror for too long, so I wasn't sure which was the actual port and which was the loop around. Well, I guessed wrong, but my nurse was aggressive but gentle and got the job done. She drew my blood, flushed the port, then put in the pre-chemo nausea stuff and finally the freshly-mixed delicious chemo cocktail. I got to order lunch while there, and they deliver it within a short bit. Great service. Two nurses with high energy just racing around all day. I was there today for 4 and 1/2 hours before they sent me packing. But they had reclining chairs. A beautiful outdoor rock garden with running water (in the summer). Sculptures. Nice paintings in the big room you sit in. The colors, though, are what come to mind in the room. Everything has been done with your comfort in mind. The light-streaming views to the courtyard. The sage green paint on the walls. The welcoming hard wood floors. The purple chairs and tables for friends and family. The nurses station that brings to mind the greens and browns of a Starbucks stand. I was fine spending a little time there today. Next time I go will be next Monday. I won't be dreading it.


  1. Well done Nick! You got the first one out of the way and now you know what to expect. I'll bet if you took a coffee cup those energetic nurses would fill it just like they worked at Starbucks. Elli has added you to her night prayers- it's very sweet. I still have the same e-mail as I've had forever- if you ever need to pass the time. I look forward to checking your progress every day- if you haven't noticed by all my 'posts.'

    Hugs, Sara

  2. OB-1 (other brother #1),

    I'm glad to hear you were not passing out in front of any cute nurses today ;) ...go port-a-cath! Now, generally I'm not one to advocate 4-1/2 hours of uninterrupted cocktail consumption, BUT... if it can start killing that crrrrud in your liver, then drink up! And make Chuck Norris proud. I'm glad it went as well as could be today. Know that I'm thinking of you & sending you continued strength + heart.

    Love you! D'neka

  3. I love you positive attitude Nick. Always looking to make lemonade. Hello to the whole family, and all of us Wings are sending prayers your way. ;-)

    Love you

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  5. I've got the title of your first bestseller...
    "Zen and the Art of Chemotherapy".



  6. Nick, we've been thinking about you every day! It sounds like you are in good hands and that they will get you back in "winning" shape. I'm looking forward to seeing you on the tennis court soon.....
    Blaine & Kathy

  7. Oh Nick, I can visualize every single thing you have gone through so far. From the SCCA, to the port, the Xeloda, and of course the high energy nurses in the chemo lounge. They become a "second family" They are going to be so happy when you are healthy and sad that they don't get to see you all the time! You are an inspiration Nick and I pray for you daily.

  8. Dear Nick,
    Congrats on the first one out of the way! Last night at dinner, we were talking about several special people in our lives that are currently fighting "the C word". As we were talking and eating, DJ (age 7), said (with his hands in the air), "We just need to stop right now and pray for them all". And so we did, one by one--dinner got cold, but our hearts were warmed as we pictured the hands of God touching each one of you..........
    Anne and family :)