Friday, April 17, 2009

The Weekend is Here

Well, this makes two blogs in one day for me, but I thought it was worth updating. As I mentioned in the earlier blog, Nick had a pretty rough night. He still felt very dizzy today, so Patsy took him in to the oncology clinic to get some IV fluids. Dr. Jafari checked him over and decided that Nick's belly looked a bit too distended, and decided that they should 'tap' the fluid that is accumulating there so he could be more comfortable.

The ultrasound department at SVH was able to squeeze Nick in, and perform the paracentesis this afternoon. During the procedure, they use an ultrasound to determine where the fluid (ascites) build up is, and then stick a pretty big needle in and drain the fluid into large 1-Liter glass bottles. They ended up taking 3 bottles of fluid out of Nick's belly, so just picture about 1.5 2 liter bottles of soda. Nick was pretty happy he didn't have to wait til Monday to have this procedure done.

Dr. J also moved up Nick's CT scan to Monday morning, and we will meet with him on Tuesday to discuss what they find. I'm excited and scared all at the same time.

Have a great sunny weekend, and think positive thoughts about Nick!


  1. Nick,
    Warren and I stopped by to say hello today, but you were a little under the weather. Hope you felt better after Sandra fixed you up.
    See ya later this week.
    Love ya
    Warren and Shelly

  2. Nick,

    I'm looking forward to seeing you soon. Sorry you were feeling bad yesterday. Ellie and I will stop by on Saturday or Sunday. We'll call first, of course.


  3. Nick and Sandra, my heart is all for you both right now. Keep up the good fight dearest Nick! You are in my prayers everday. Huge hugs to you both. (sorry Sandra, I know you don't know me well - we've only met a couple times, but I would be hugging you too for being such an amazing wife through all this mess) Keep your spirits up! Kelly Benham (Hawkins)