Friday, April 24, 2009

Pep Rally for Nick

Hello to All!

It's a beautiful Friday. Nick is resting peacefully right now. He was up this morning for almost 2 hours, talking with us and meeting with the hospice nurse. He seemed to look better this morning to all of us, but he told us that he probably looks better than he feels.

Thank you to Kristen Warren who started Team Nick on Facebook. I showed it to Nick this morning and read many of the posts to him, and he loved it. He smiled at the old pictures from our days at Edison Elementary, and remembered people's names on the soccer team photo that I had forgotten!

I told him that many people from Team Nick would like to come over tomorrow and wish him well and he thought that would be great. His only worry was that he will not have the energy to talk to everyone.

Times like these are pretty extraordinary, so we have a wild idea:

At 2 - 2:30pm, we would like to gather everyone in Nick's front yard and out in the street if needed.

We would like everyone to bring one bright colored HELIUM BALLOON (if possible!) and/or a sign that says something encouraging.

At 3pm, we are going to bring Nick out on his deck in front of the house in his very cool new wheelchair.

At that time, we will all do a cheer for him, like:

We love you Nick! We love you Nick! We love you Nick!
(as many times as we want...)

And at the end of the cheer - we thought everyone could release their balloon into the air.

We will have a microphone set up in the yard. So, after the cheer - if anyone would like to tell:

- a favorite memory
- a funny story
- a poem
- or even sing a song...

WHATEVER YOU ARE INSPIRED TO DO, we think Nick will absolutely love this.

And he will probably be ready to rest again around 4pm.

Since parking will be limited here, we suggest going up Division past Haggen's and turning right on Leann Street (which is directly across from Sioux) and parking in the newly created subdivision, which is full of nice curbs. No one lives there yet, so if we need the extra parking room - that would be the best place.

After you park, cross back over Division on foot, and walk down Sioux one block, and turn right on Shoshone.

Nick's house is at: 3602 Shoshone Drive, Mt. Vernon, 98273

We are really looking forward to tomorrow, and I know Nick will be so incredibly happy to see all of your faces here!

If you have any questions, please call me at 206-406-7408.

Also, if you cannot make it tomorrow, please feel free to email me with any message that you would like relayed to Nick at a later time. I know it has been difficult to post messages on the blog, so my email is:


  1. INCREDIBLE IDEA. What I wouldn't give to be there. We'll be there in spirit.

    Love, hugs, prayers, and PEP from Alaska,

    Sara and co.

  2. Wish I could be with y'all. I'm slated to work.
    I'll be thinking about you.

    I'll set a balloon free at 3:oo to meet the mass.


  3. What a great thing for Nick and all his many
    Friends..Please make sure Nick knows how very much we love him.. one of us (of the girls) is in New York and the other is in Europe, but the whole family is with you! Love and prayers,
    Theron, Mary Dee
    Rod and Megan & family
    James and Erin & Shannon

  4. Hugs to everyone from the Warrens in Colorado...

    We wish we could come and see Mr. Nick! Thanks so much for keeping us updated.


  5. I will be there in spirit - I'm on the road driving to Colorado, and just can't be there. Nick, I've been thinking of you so much lately and sending you my thoughts and prayers. Remember that year when you and Bruce and I took Independent Study German 3 from Frau, and never learned a single Germna word all year? I don't remember really what we did all year, but I certainly didn't learn anything. We had fun, though, didn't we?

    You have a beautiful family - I am thinking of you all.

    Love, Sara (Omdal) Gillam

  6. What a fabulous celebration!!! I am so sorry we cannot be there,,,but with are with you in spirit, Nick. Already committed to caring for our 3 grandkids in Bellingham today while their Mom is in a wedding. Enjoy your very special event!!! Love and hugs, Marc and Mary

  7. Nick, Sandra, Patsy and family,

    The pep rally was beautiful! So many people love Nick. Not a dry eye! I wanted to say that you and Sandra have done an amazing job with your sweet children! Of course I know Libby the best of the 3 kids and I love her! She is funny, sweet, smart, intuitive, sensitive, witty, inquisitive, cute and a good friend to Emery! She and Emery love to play dress up, polly pockets, dollhouse, and eat avocados together. I was hoping and praying for a good friend this year for Emery at preschool, and she is so blessed to have Libby as her special buddy. There is nothing more important in life than raising your children, and you guys have done an amazing job! Libby is a jewel! I continue to pray for you and your family. Kyann DeJong