Tuesday, April 21, 2009

An update

I'm writing on behalf of Sandra - she's got a lot going on.
Nick had a repeat CT on Monday and his tumor has tripled in size despite the chemo. He is currently in the hospital. The plan is to stop the chemo. We are considering radiation to shrink an area of the tumor that is pressing on his small bowel. Hospice came in to meet with us today and we are considering our options. We are hoping to get him back home tonight.
Please keep sending your positive thoughts and prayers. We'll take everything we can get now.


  1. Our prayers are with you know more than ever. Sending love, hope, peace, smiles, and hugs as always.

    Love, Sara, Nathan, Hanna and Elli

  2. All our love and prayers are with you all during this time.

    Love and hugs, Jenni, Chad & Jackson

  3. No, Nick, your gallbladder does not make your butt look big.................they are both dwarfed by that huge, enormous heart of yours that has always been bursting with love and joy and life and humor. Caring for you and your family so deeply! Rally time, Nick! Love ya! Marc and Mary