Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Recovery Time

Tuesday was a recovery day for Nick. His body went through quite an ordeal on Monday during his treatment, and he needed some well-deserved R&R yesterday. He slept a lot in the morning, but woke up in the early afternoon and spent the rest of the day with his family.

By the end of the day, we broke out the Wii. It was our anniversary gift to ourselves last weekend. We scoured the 5 year anniversary gift lists, and found the Wii on the modern list. Our other option was something made of wood or silverware, so it was not a tough choice.

Nick watched me and the kids play tennis for a while, and then could not help himself. He ended up playing several games. Even post-chemo infusion reaction, he exhibited the tennis form and grace that would identify him as a tennis coach to the innocent bystander. His follow through was amazing, and his reach endangered both the children and myself as we watched from the side chair. Needless to say, he beat the competitors (one that he nicknamed Asher) and really enjoyed himself.

We ended up staying awake until after 9PM last night, which is a record lately. I will definitely go to the Wii again tonight, and perhaps take the Wii Fit out of the box and start our daily yoga routine.

I will also try to get Nick to blog something in the near future. He has been so tired lately it is hard for him to concentrate on the computer screen, but after a few more nights of Wiiing, he should be himself again.



  1. Good job Sandra! Keep that up, the Wii sounds like it will do wonders and you will all have a great time. I'll call soon to stop by again for a visit. Give Nick a hug for me, whiskers and all!


  2. 'Wii' are so excited you got a 'Wii!' We just got one ourselves, after a long time of being 'anti-video game.' That's the p.e. teacher in me. We love it and have so much time playing after the kids go to bed. Such simple pleasures. I think it will give Nick a nice release so he can release the athlete inside -even if it's just for a little bit each day. You are ALL amazing and we continue to wish you humor, happiness, and healing.
    The Alaskan Wiiers

  3. Hi Nick,
    I am, well, so impressed by how strong you are from what I've been reading. It is just a rough road that you are on, no two ways about it. Like everyone else that knows you, you remain in my heart and I think of you daily.

    When my friend Ree went through her diagnosis/treatments, she became a bit overwhelmed with all of the information, friendly advice and possible actions to take. Maybe this strikes a chord with you. She became educated in a hurry about sugar levels, diet, stress reduction, etc. -- all of it that I'm sure you're confronted with. One of the things she found very helpful was consulting by phone with this highly recommended naturopath in California. She still consults with him even long after her treatments and can't say enough positive things about him or advice given. If you are ever so inclined, you may wish to contact him regarding diet and herbs. He is a noted expert on cancer with an excellent reputation if that means anything to you. Here is his contact information, Nick. Just know that you have a very dear place in my heart...

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  4. Dammit. I had already purchased the silverware set and the wooden spoons. (Sandra - I have an ebay account so I thought I'd spend some money. hee hee)I guess I'll have to take the gifts back and find a Wii game instead. . .