Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Morning

We cannot thank you all enough for being with us yesterday afternoon as we celebrated Nick's life with him - with song, cheer, memories, balloons and most of all - overwhelming love.

We are so sorry to let all of you know that our precious Nick passed this morning at 7:50 am, while he was sleeping. His passing was without pain, anxiety or struggle, just beautifully peaceful.

Please join us for a memorial service on Saturday, May 2nd at Bethany Covenant Church in Mt. Vernon at 2pm.

With love,

Sandra, Ron, Patsy and Michal


  1. Dear Michal, Patsy, Ron, and Sandra,

    My grandmother lit the last candle left at church last night for Nick. She said there are never any left- but there was one for him. She even had the pleasure of meeting him and remembers his gentle spirit and witty sense of humor. My family just went out and bought a raspberry plant to put in our yard in honor of Nick and the icky, sticky raspberry cinnamon roll he once brought me- half eaten. He is so loved and so are all of you. We're surrounding your with love and prayers and a sense of peace. Elli told me this morning, "Don't worry Mommy, Jesus will take care of Nick."

    Love, Sara

  2. Prayers of love and support for Sandra and the children, and for the family who loved Nick. Such a gentle soul could only have come from great love. It will sustain you through the coming days, and your joyous memories of Nick will become treasures. God bless you all.

    Ron & Jana (Stinsman ) Vater

  3. What a wonderful man and a truly gentle soul.I will always remember him as a man who loved his children..very proud and in love with those two.I wish you peace and will do my best to walk with Libby through these next weeks.Anything I can do let me know. "Teacher" Cindi

  4. Blessings to you all in this very difficult time. All who new Nick were blessed to be in his presence. Please don't hesitate to let me know if you need anything for the service. I can help in any way you need.

    Much love to all of you
    Meg Anderson ~

  5. I have never known a kinder and more peaceful soul. Nick was a rare gem and the time he got to spend with us and the memories he leaves behind are a precious gift. Our thoughts and prayers are will all of his friends and family who are suffering a great loss. We will remember Nick with joy and peace.

  6. My prayers are with Sandra, the kids, Michal and all the family. Words cannot express the sadness that many are feeling today- our world is less bright today, but heaven is rejoicing. May God carry you through this time,
    Keeping you in my prayers,
    Kathy Moore Hansen