Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Kids

We have been approached by many of you who are worried about the children and want to set up a fund to help make sure that they are able to go to college and achieve all that Nick was able to achieve in his life. I'm writing this to assure each of you that the kids will be well taken care of in the years to come.

All three children have GET (Guaranteed Education Tuition) accounts that have been well-funded by their grandpa Larry. They are also eligible for Nick's social security benefit, and I have great plans to invest that money for them so that when they graduate from college, they will have nice little sum that could go towards their first home, or to help start their own families.

If you are interested in contributing something to Nick's family, we would love to have you give to the Nick Whiton Scholarship Fund.

c/o Kathy Williams
Burlington-Edison Education and Alumni Foundation
PO Box 350
Burlington, WA 98233

We think it would be such a tribute to Nick to forever be a part of the Burlington Edison School District.

However, if you would rather contribute to a family in need (in Libby and Darian's name), the Bethany Covenant Preschool Scholarship Fund would appreciate your donation. This is a wonderful preschool and I can't say enough about the love of the teachers and families there who have helped us through this time.

Of course, thank you to all who have already donated to the Nick Whiton Scholarship Fund. We have a special treat that we plan to send out as a thank you that we think you will really like.



  1. Dear Sandra,

    Thanks for all the information. I was debating which fund to send it to, but having taught in B.E. School District, and because that's where I met wonderful Nick, I will be honored to send money to the scholarship fund. Elli and I have watched the videos so many times she knows when the music comes that it's Mommys friend, Uncle Nick. (as she calls him) I was just watching the rally (again) as she and a little friend were playing in the other room and overheard her say, "It's okay, Mommy's friend, Uncle Nick went to live with Jesus, he'll take care of him." She's so right. ...and she REALLY wants to play with 'he's little girl' when we visit Washington this summer. We continue to send our thoughts, prayers, and love to you from Alaska.

    Love, Sara

  2. Sandra... thank you for allowing us to do something to honor Nick - so many people loved him and I for one LOVED receiving those beautiful cards in the mail as a thank you. Very very special. Don't think I will ever give any away... Still thinking of you and your kids and sending prayers for your healing and heartache. Kelly (Hawkins) Benham

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